Education Report – How Immigration Reform Could Affect English Learners

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Education Report - How Immigration Reform Could Affect English Learners

From VOA Learning English, this is the Education Report.

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Immigration reform is a top policy goal this year Washington. President Obama and a group of Democratic and senators who have been preparing legislation agree on one . Millions of immigrants who are in the United States will have to start learning English before they can the process of becoming legal residents. But school systems face shrinking budgets are still cutting or eliminating English . Overcrowding is especially bad in California. That state is to one of every four non-English-speaking immigrants in the States. But Margie McHugh of the Migration Policy Institute a huge amount of unmet demand for English training across the country. She says the current system is limited. Until recently, California law provided money to be just for adult education. But, to help schools meet shortages, state legislators let them use that money for programs. In Los Angeles, the adult education program has cut by 75 percent. Once, the school district offered at hundreds of neighborhood sites, with day and evening . This year, the teaching hours will be reduced. California Jerry Brown wants to take responsibility for adult education from school districts. Their main focus is on children. wants to give the responsibility to community colleges. Adult across the country are experimenting with computerized English instruction. hope software will help substitute for the individual attention beginning students need. For VOA Learning English, I'm Carolyn



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