Agriculture Report – Farmer Discovers Unapproved Genetically Modified Wheat in Field

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Wheat growing in Eastern Oregon. (Photo from Oregon State University)

From VOA Learning English, this is the Agriculture Report.

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VOA Learning English, this is the Agriculture Report. Some have suspended imports of wheat from the United States. suspensions were announced after an unapproved form of wheat found in the state of Oregon. The crop was engineered. An Oregon farmer recently discovered wheat in his that survived the popular weed killer Roundup. Roundup is by the seed and chemical company Monsato to destroy plants. The company has created genetically engineered corn, cotton, and canola crops that resist Roundup. Monsanto field-tested Roundup-resistant . But it never sold the seeds. Michael Firko is the United States Department of Agriculture. He says the passed safety inspections. Monsanto ended its wheat project because in Europe and Asia were concerned about the safety genetically engineered crops. The discovery of unapproved wheat in led Japan and South Korea to temporarily suspend some . The United States is the world's largest wheat exporter. American agriculture has difficulty competing against other countries because costs are higher in the United States. Mark Welch an agricultural economist at Texas AM University. He says incident could affect America's place in the world market. States officials are working to identify the source of genetically engineered wheat. There is no evidence yet that has entered the food supply. The Department of Agriculture working to make tests available to wheat buyersFor VOA English, I'm Laurel Bowman



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